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Home Lifts

we offer a wide range of high quality home lifts to help people with limited mobility. All of which meet the current relevant standards and suit both residential and commercial premises. ABI Elevators Home Lift range provides the perfect access solution. With no requirement for a separate shaft or machine room, the Home lift is the perfect choice for installation in an existing building as well as new. The low installation and usage costs make this a great solution for providing vertical access in restricted buildings. With state of the art technology, identical to that used by all our conventional lifts, the Abi Elevators Pit less offers a reliable, comfortable and easy solution, tailored to your requirements. Adaptable to inside or outside the building, the Pit less Lift can be used with the modular structure, which replaces the conventional shaft, offering greater freedom when deciding on the location of the lift.

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Home Lifts for Outdoor

The shaft structure is made of aluminum, as an alternative to the masonry shaft structure, allows to place abi Lift anywhere, even outdoor, with a different colors, sizes, capacity and door opening directions. It guarantees an enhanced usability of spaces without affecting the architectural context (without the need of a pit, shaft, or machine room). The lift is fully isolated of temperature and sounds and water resistance. The Home Lift is designed for those who seek quality and safety. The ease of use and safety for all types of users including residential and villas elevators are met through several methods of evacuating safely the passengers in case of power or lift failure. ABI Elevators meet all the recent International standards Let our experienced professionals advise you on the best solution to give you the accessibility you need.

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